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With non-stop screentime, 24 hour news updates and seemingly endless social media feeds, it’s no wonder that it’s harder than ever to find calm in everyday life. Musician and composer Dave Hiltebrand’s own struggle with anxiety led him to the idea of Sound & Simple. He decided to bring his skills as a composer to help people find some peaceful moments in their otherwise hectic lives.


Sound & Simple workshops are solely dedicated to the art of slowing down through the experience of meditative music. Bringing together beautiful music and the serene setting of the yoga studio, these workshops help create a peaceful space for regaining focus and slowing down.


In addition to workshops, Sound & Simple Lifestyle highlights the simple joys of life that surround us everyday but we are sometimes too distracted to see—art, music, books, movies, cooking and nature.


Let the Sound & Simple experience help you rediscover your own simple pleasures and be able to slow down and enjoy them.

Thanks for checking out Sound & Simple !

- Dave

Sound & Simple

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Sound & Simple Workshops


Sound & Simple music meditation workshops are 60-90 minute sessions that open with a brief musing on a theme followed by an immersive musical experience. Workshops are held in yoga studios though they are not movement based. Workshops can be enjoyed laying down or seated with eyes open or closed. However the listener chooses to enjoy this experience is their own choice.


The intention of these workshops is to collectively quiet our minds and feel the rejuvenating and calming force of beautiful music composed in the moment with the spirit of an improvised film score.


With the addition of candlelight and calming scents these workshops create a

much needed refuge from the high speed world we all live in. 

What Dave does in Sound and Simple workshops is both courageous and vulnerable. That unlocked my courage and vulnerability, empowering me to take up all the space I need—physically and emotionally—to work though my chronic pain and my grief. Just for one simple, sacred hour. 

Andie Roeder

Sound & Simple


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